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The Butterfly Effect Trilogy

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All three films in the psychological sci-fi thriller franchise. In 'The Butterfly Effect (2004), Ashton Kutcher stars as Evan Treborn, a young man who, from an early age, has struggled with his disturbing childhood memories. As a boy, Evan was encouraged by a psychologist to keep a journal detailing the events of his day-to-day life, and now, as a young adult, he revisits these journals to figure out the truth about events that ended in tragedy for his childhood friends Lenny (Elden Henson) and Tommy (William Lee Scott), and the childhood sweetheart Kayleigh (Amy Smart) with whom he is still in love. After making the incredible discovery that he can use the notebooks as a vehicle enabling him to journey back into the past so that his adult mind occupies the body of his childhood self, he begins a series of attempts to redirect history with the aim of saving his friends and loved ones from the traumas that have befallen them. But every time Evan changes something in the past, however small, he finds when he returns to the present that his actions have had unexpected and disastrous consequences. In the action-packed sequel, Nick (Eric Lively) and Julie (Erica Durance) are deeply in love, but when Julie dies in a tragic car accident, Nick isn't willing to say goodbye to his soulmate without a fight. Soon discovering that he has the ability to travel into the past to a point before the time of Julie's untimely death, Nick struggles to find a means of saving his one true love despite the increasingly troubling results that his well-intended heroics seem to have on the future. Finally, in 'The Butterfly Effect 3' (2009), Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) has the ability to jump through time, helping police to identify killers. But after agreeing to help an old friend track down her sister's murderer, Sam breaks his golden rule of non-interference with history, and consequently discovers that his actions have created a terrifying serial killer. As the grizzly headcount rises with each passing day, it's now up to Sam to revisit the past in an effort to identify the murderer before he strikes again.

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The Butterfly Effect Trilogy|Eric Lively
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Director: Eric Bress Director: John R. Leonetti Director: J. Mackye Gruber Director: Seth Grossman Producer: Chris Bender Producer: A.J. Dix Producer: Anthony Rhulen Producer: J.C. Spink Writer: Michael D. Weiss Writer: Holly Brix Writer: Eric Bress Writer: J. Mackye Gruber Music: Michael Suby Music: Puddle of Mudd Music: Staind Music: Evenrude Music: Jimmy Eat World Music: Adam Balazs Actor: Eric Lively Actor: Erica Durance Actor: J.R. Bourne Actor: Gina Holden Actor: Caeli MacAulay Actor: Lindsay Maxwell Actor: Dustin Milligan Actor: Malcolm Stewart Actor: Ashton Kutcher Actor: Amy Smart Actor: William Lee Scott Actor: Melora Walters Actor: Elden Henson Actor: Eric Stoltz Actor: John Patrick Amedori Actor: Irene Gorovaia Actor: Kevin Schmidt Actor: Jesse James Actor: Logan Lerman Actor: Sarah Widdows Actor: Jake Kaese Actor: Cameron Bright Actor: Callum Keith Rennie Actor: Lorena Gale Actor: Nathaniel DeVeaux Actor: John Tierney Actor: Kendall Cross Actor: Daniel Spink Actor: Chris Carmack Actor: Rachel Miner Actor: Melissa Jones Actor: Lynch Travis Actor: Sarah Habel Actor: Mia Serafino Actor: Hugh Maguire Actor: Richard Wilkinson Actor: Kevin Yon Actor: Chantel Giacalone

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