See No Evil/Cabin Fever

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Double bill featuring two horror movies. In 'See No Evil' (2006), at seven feet tall and 400 pounds with a steel skull and fingernails that make Marilyn Manson look like a public schoolboy, Jacob Goodnight (played by WWE star Kane) is not a man you'd want to get into it with. However, while he's languishing in his peaceful if decrepit haunt, The Blackwell Hotel, a gang of cons doing clean-up for a community service order do just that. Worse yet - they're overseen by the very cop that put a bullet in Jacob's skull some years back. Goodnight snatches one of the party and, predictably, the others set out to get her back. 'Cabin Fever' (2003) is Eli Roth's low-budget comedy-horror. Fresh out of college, Jeff, Karen, Paul, Marcy and Bert head up to a remote cabin for a weekend of alcohol-drenched sex and sunbathing. However, they are joined by an unwelcomed visitor, a tramp with a nasty skin virus. The friends decide to try and get rid of him and when he does eventually stumble away he falls into the local stream and contaminates the water. Having to use the water, the friends soon find themselves contaminated and discover that each one of them will stop at nothing to survive.

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See No Evil/Cabin Fever|James DeBollo
Region 2
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Anamorphic (16:9), Languages(s): English, Interactive Menu, Screen ratio 1:1.78, Dolby Digital 5.1
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Director: Gregory Dark Director: Eli Roth Producer: Joel Simon Producer: Evan Astrowsky Producer: Sam Froelich Producer: Eli Roth Writer: Randy Pearlstein Writer: Dan Madigan Writer: Eli Roth Music: Angelo Badalamenti Music: Nathan Marr Actor: James DeBollo Actor: Jordan Ladd Actor: Rider Strong Actor: Joey Kern Actor: Cerina Vincent Actor: Arie Verveen Actor: Christina Vidal Actor: Luke Pegler Actor: Glen Jacobs Actor: Samantha Noble Actor: Michael J. Pagan Actor: Rachel Taylor Actor: Steven Vidler Actor: Penny McNamee Actor: Craig Horner

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