The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy

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A triple bill of Hannibal Lecter films. 'Red Dragon' (2002) is Hannibal Lecter's (Anthony Hopkins) third film outing but is based on the first Thomas Harris novel which introduced the character. FBI agent Will Graham (Edward Norton) has retired with his family to Florida after a near-death experience when he tracked down and captured Lecter. However, when a new serial killer, 'the tooth fairy' who kills whole families, is discovered, Graham finds himself back on the force and asking for Lecter's help. But the tooth fairy has been writing to Lecter and Lecter cannot resist playing each side off each other, to such an extent that Graham's family are to be the next victims. In 'The Silence of the Lambs' (1990) FBI officer Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is investigating a bizarre and gruesome series of murders, carried out by 'Buffalo Bill'. The investigation steps up a gear when the mayor's daughter is abducted. Starling turns for help to incarcerated psychopath Lecter (Hopkins), who has a penchant for chewing people's faces off. Given special privileges in exchange for information, Lecter escapes, leaving two twisted killers on the loose. Whilst in 'Hannibal' (2001) it is ten years since the events of the previous film and FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore), recently in trouble with her superiors over a bungled shoot-out, suddenly receives a letter from the escaped Hannibal. It does not reveal his whereabouts, but after many years of inactivity, it does announce his interest in returning to the public domain. Clarice has the letter analysed and begins scanning the internet, desperately searching for any clues which will help her reach him before he strikes again. Meanwhile, one of Hannibal's previous victims, the horribly disfigured multi-millionaire Mason Verger, is also on the trail of his tormentor, eager for revenge and the chance to introduce the good doctor to his herd of specially-cultivated carnivorous pigs.

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Director: Brett Ratner Director: Jonathan Demme Director: Ridley Scott Producer: Dino de Laurentiis Producer: Martha de Laurentiis Producer: Kenneth Utt Producer: Edward Saxon Producer: Ron Bozman Producer: Ridley Scott Writer: Ted Tally Writer: David Mamet Writer: Steven Zaillian Music: Danny Elfman Music: Howard Shore Music: Hans Zimmer Actor: Anthony Hopkins Actor: Edward Norton Actor: Ralph Fiennes Actor: Harvey Keitel Actor: Emily Watson Actor: Mary-Louise Parker Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor: Anthony Heald Actor: Bill Duke Actor: Jodie Foster Actor: Scott Glenn Actor: Ted Levine Actor: Brooke Smith Actor: Charles Napier Actor: Lawrence A.Bonney Actor: Kasi Lemmons Actor: Lawrence Wrentz Actor: Frankie Faison Actor: Roger Corman Actor: Daniel Butler Actor: Julianne Moore Actor: Ray Liotta Actor: Gary Oldman Actor: Frankie R. Falson Actor: Giancarlo Giannini Actor: Francesca Neri Actor: Zeljko Ivanek Actor: Hazelle Goodman Actor: Francis Guinan Actor: Mark Margolis Actor: James Opher

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