See Spot Run/My Dog Skip/Cats and Dogs/Clifford's Really Big...

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Four dog-related family features. In 'See Spot Run' (2001) postman Gordon (David Arquette) has long nursed a crush on his neighbour Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), so when she is called out of town on business and asks Gordon to babysit her young son James for a few days, he sees his chance to make an impression and eagerly accepts. Gordon and James have fun together, eating junk food and watching TV, and soon discover a stray bulldog in the back of Gordon's van and name him Spot. However, unbeknownst to them, Spot has been working for the FBI on a case targeting the mafia, and after attacking mob boss Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino), he now has a price on his head. So with the mafia on their trail, a few days spent with the canine crimebuster could prove very exciting indeed for Gordon and James. 'My Dog Skip' (2000) is set in 1940s Mississippi and tells of a shy boy called Willie Morris who embarks on a journey with his new best friend, the family pet Skip. But Skip is no ordinary dog. Sensing Willie's shyness, he takes him on an adventure which will change Willie's life forever, helping him face up to the local bullies, as well as rekindling his friendship with Dink the soldier, and getting him a date with the school sweetheart - even though they are both only eight-years-old. In 'Cats and Dogs' (2001) a battle for global supremacy is being waged not between nations or religions, but... cats and dogs! Unknown to humans, a war between the two has been fought for decades but there is currently a very fragile truce in place. However, when wacky Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum) makes a discovery that could tip the age-old battle between the rival domestic pet species, Lou (voiced by Tobey Maguire), a feisty young beagle puppy, must act to prevent the felines, led by white Persian cat Mr Tinkles (Sean Hayes), from achieving world domination. 'Clifford's Really Big Movie' (2004) is an animated adventure starring Clifford the Big Red Dog. Clifford (voice of the late John Ritter) lives on Birdwell Island with his owner Emily Elizabeth Howard (Grey DeLisle). Even though he loves the Howards, Clifford starts to think that his enormous size is too much of a problem for them and, feeling unwanted, he runs off and joins the circus with his friends Cleo (Cree Summer) and T-Bone (Kel Mitchell). They fall in with a gang of other runaway animals, including a Chihuahua and a ferret. The dogs compete in a big contest in order to win a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies.

Director: John P. Whitesell
Director: Jay Russell
Director: Lawrence Guterman
Director: Robert C. Ramirez
Producer: Robert Simonds
Producer: Tracey Trench
Producer: Andrew Deane
Producer: Mark Johnson
Producer: John Lee Hancock
Producer: Andrew Lazar
Producer: Christopher Defaria
Producer: Craig Perry
Producer: Warren Zide
Producer: Deborah Forte
Writer: George Gallo
Writer: Gregory Poirer
Writer: Danny Baron
Writer: Chris Faber
Writer: Gail Gilchriest
Writer: Willie Morris
Writer: John Requa
Writer: Glenn Ficarra
Writer: Robert C. Ramirez
Writer: Rhett Reese
Music: John Debney
Music: William Ross
Music: Jody Gray
Voice: John Ritter
Voice: Wayne Brady
Actor: Luke Wilson
Voice: Grey DeLisle
Actor: Frankie Muniz
Actor: Kevin Bacon
Actor: Diane Lane
Actor: Mark Beech
Actor: Susan Carol Davis
Actor: David Pickens
Actor: Bradley Coryell
Actor: Daylan Honeycutt
Actor: Cody Linley
Actor: Lucile Doan Ewing
Actor: Polly Craig
Actor: John Stiritz
Voice: Jenna Elfman
Actor: David Arquette
Voice: John Goodman
Actor: Leslie Bibb
Voice: Jess Harnell
Actor: Michael Clarke Duncan
Voice: Kel Mitchell
Actor: Joe Viterelli
Actor: Jeff Goldblum
Voice: Judge Reinhold
Actor: Angus T. Jones
Actor: Elizabeth Perkins
Voice: Kath Soucie
Actor: Anthony Anderson
Actor: Alexander Pollock
Voice: Cree Summer
Actor: Paul Sorvino
Actor: Miriam Margolyes
Actor: Steven R. Schirripa
Voice: Tobey Maguire
Actor: Kimberley Hawthorne
Voice: Susan Sarandon
Actor: Kavan Smith
Voice: Alec Baldwin
Voice: Jon Lovitz
Voice: Michael Clarke Duncan
Voice: Sean P. Hayes
Voice: Joe Pantoliano
Voice: Charlton Heston

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See Spot Run/My Dog Skip/Cats and Dogs/Clifford's Really Big...|Luke Wilson
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Four Canine Capers
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Anamorphic (16:9), Languages(s): English, Interactive Menu, Scene Access, Screen ratio 1:1.78
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