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Chesapeake spring - Taylor

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Chesapeake spring
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The artist John Taylor has been attracted all his life to the luminous beauty and extraordinary vitality of the Chesapeake Bay. he has won wide acclaim for his paintings of the region's wildlife and landscape. Taylor not only draws and paints the Bay but for years has kept a journal recording a naturalist's observations through an artist's eye.;In "Chesapeake Spring" he gathers his paintings and writings into a single record, giving us an engaging portrait of the Bay from late december through June in all its splendour and variety.;'In Chesapeake latitudes', writes taylor, 'the first day of winter might well count as the first day of spring'. Already there are indications of an awakening, a renewal, despite the extreme cold or deep snow that is to come.;A unique blend of weather, water, and foliage gives the Chesapeake not only an unusually long spring, but also a breathtakingly beautiful one. In 65 colour paintings, Taylor reveals the signs of spring that emerge as early as the winter solstice, as soon as days begin to lengthen.;He shows the bolder contrast of colour and texture that appear in late winter as life returns to the landscape.;And he captures the exuberance of the Chesapeake spring in all its glory - burst of colour on branch and stem, layers of clouds reflecting the warming sun, wave upon wave of birds returning to their homes, and the host of other animals that make the Bay and its watershed their home.;Following the progress of the season at sites throughout the region, taylor's journal entries complement his paintings and describe each scene with a naturalist's insight and an artist's eye for detail.;From bald eagles gliding over West river to mud turtles crawling the sandy roads near Hill's Bridge, from ospreys and owls to alewives and fiddler crabs, Taylor's Chesapeake is a place of ceaseless inspiration.

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A Robert G Merrick Edition
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