How to Travel the World Free. as an International Tour Director(c) - Gerald Mitchell



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How to Travel the World Free. as an International Tour Director(c) - Around the World for Free a Step-By-Step Guide in Travelling the World for Free
Gerald Mitchell
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Learn How to Turn Your Avocation into Your Vocation!

Be an International Tour Director and design and escort your own tours all around the world. In almost every country, tourism is one of the most significant industries providing jobs for thousands of people and economic advantages many countries would not have otherwise. Governments and private enterprise support the efforts of International Tour Directors who invest in imaginative and innovative tourist programs. By providing travelers with good opportunities to have the trip of their dreams, the professional International Tour Director brings income in to a country and to the tourism business in general.

Satisfied customers will go back and encourage their friends to undertake the same type of experiences they have, and this will increase business even more. You may be called upon to design and escort Cruises, Spa Holidays, Student Trips, Senior Citizen Motor Coach Tours, Incentive programs, conventions, and almost whatever specialized group you can think of in London, Paris, New York, Rome, and exotic spots throughout the world.

As an International Tour Director you will be expected to have a keen interest and skill in fulfilling the needs of your clients by seeking out and finding unspoiled and relatively undiscovered corners of the world, where facilities such as superb, un-crowded golf courses, fishing, hiking, splendid scenery, uncluttered roads and hospitable restaurants offer your clients the best in unforgettable travel experiences.

Being a good communicator, a diplomat, detail oriented, well organized, and highly responsible will help you manage emergencies as well as handle considerable amounts of money in both foreign and local currencies. Many Tour Operators are now recruiting International Tour Directors with a Master's degree in history or some other specialty such as wine, culinary arts, architecture, arts and crafts, or even wildflowers.

You are the clients' bridge over "the culture gap"

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