Introducing psychology - Donald Pennington

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Introducing psychology - approaches, topics & methods
Donald Pennington
Paperback / softback
Hodder Education
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Introducing Psychology: Approaches, Topics & Methods provides students and teachers of the AS level psychology with an accessible, carefully organised and effective learning text book. The book covers all the topic areas of the AQA AS Specification. Each of the twelve chapters covers the topic areas in Unit 1 Introducing Psychology and Unit 2 Social and Cognitive Psychology. Full coverage is given to:

Approaches in psychology

Methods of research


Social cognition

Perception and attention

Language and thinking

Biological psychology

Psychology of gender

Social influence

Social psychology of sport

Remembering and forgetting

Cognition and law

Each chapter provides the student and teacher with a wide range of activities designed to foster a good understanding and critical appreciation of psychology. Numerous studies and experiments are briefly described in all of the chapters. Evaluative comments are provided which are designed to enhance and develop the intellectual skills of critical analysis and application of psychology to human life and problems. The activities, description of studies and evaluative comments will aid study both in the classroom and at home.

At the end of each chapter specimen questions, written in the Specification B examination style, are provided. One question in each chapter has an answer and comments on how to improve.

Introducing Psychology: Approaches, Topics & Methods is the ideal text book for the AQA Specification B AS level psychology. It also provides the interested reader a good general introduction to key areas of study in modern psychology.

Donald Pennington is the author of numerous books on social psychology and personality. He has extensive experience of examining psychology at A level. He is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and professor at Coventry University.
Karen Boswell is a very experienced teacher and senior examiner with particular interest in methodology and research. She is Head of Psychology at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.
Liz Dancer is an experienced teacher of psychology and a senior examiner at GCE psychology level.
Julie McLoughlin is an experienced senior examiner at A level and a full-time lecturer at Hopwood College, Manchester.
Dave Robinson is Principal lecturer in Psychology at the University of Huddersfield where he teaches cognitive psychology and research methods. He also examines on GCE AS psychology
Richard Smithson has taught psychology at A level and in higher education for many years. He is a senior examiner for AS psychology, and for Advanced VCE in Health and Social Care.

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