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Phantom hitchhikers and decoy ducks - Albert Jack

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Phantom hitchhikers and decoy ducks - the strange stories behind the urban legends we can't stop telling each other
Albert Jack
Paperback / softback
Penguin Books
UK Publication Date

'Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
Was Sir Winston Churchill really a Druid?
Did Charlie Chaplin lose a lookalike competition?
Did The Who's drummer Keith Moon drive his Rolls Royce into a swimming pool? The man with the answers is Albert Jack...' - Daily Express

From Walt Disney's frozen head to the kidnap of JFK's brain, Albert Jack gathers together all the strangest, sickest, funniest and most unforgettable urban legends and recounts them with his usual deadpan humour. But this is more than just a collection of urban legends, it is also a detective story. Exploring the real events behind conspiracy theories, the exaggerations of history and the assumptions of old wives' tales, Albert Jack shows us that the truth can definitely be stranger than fiction.

ALBERT JACK has become something of a publishing phenomenon - with his huge bestsellers Red Herrings and White Elephants and Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep clocking up hundreds of thousands of sales. He lives in Guildford when divides his time between fast living and slow horses, neat vodka and untidy pubs. But he still manages to squeeze in some sleuthing - and now he has turned his detective skills to solving the unexplained.

3rd Edition
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Urban folklore.|Shaggy-dog stories.|English wit and humor.
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