Physiological testing of the high-performance athlete - J. Duncan MacDougall|Howard A Wenger|Howard J Green|Canadian Association of Sport Sciences



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Physiological testing of the high-performance athlete
J. Duncan MacDougall|Howard A Wenger|Howard J Green|Canadian Association of Sport Sciences
Human Kinetics Books
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"Physiological Testing of the High-Performance Athlete" aims to provide readers with information on not only how to design and conduct testing programmes, but also how to make the test protocols sport-specific. Readers will learn to interpret the results so they can prescribe training programmes that will enable athletes to achieve maximum performance.;This reference provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical considerations of physiological testing for elite athletes. This second edition is updated to include advances in knowledge, technology, and training techniques since 1983. Sections are devoted to the testing testing procedures for strength, flexibility, aerobic power, and body composition and anthropometry.;Chapters include the rationale for testing each component, its relevance to various sports, recommendations for modifying tests for specific sports, guidelines for selecting the proper testing protocol, a discussion of the validity and reliability of the testing procedures, instructions for administering various tests, and suggestions for interpreting the results.;For sport physiologists and sports medicine specialists who work with elite athletes, this book is useful. Undergraduate and graduate students in exercise physiology will find it a valuable reference for understanding both the "hows" and the "whys" of physiological testing.

2nd Edition
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Athletes - Medical examinations.|Physical fitness - Testing.
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