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Puppy Training - Carol Miller

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Puppy Training - Six Weeks to a Better-Behaved Puppy
Carol Miller
Paperback / softback
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
UK Publication Date

Learn the Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!

Is your puppy driving you crazy?
Is he nipping and play-biting your hands?
Does he grab things and run off with them?
Does he run away from you instead of coming when you call him?
Does he bite at his leash, or try to pull you everywhere you go?
Is he chewing up your stuff?

Puppies are so cute, but they are a handful. If you don't start training them quickly, they will soon grow into problem dogs.

Follow the 6 weekly lessons in this book to:

  • Teach your puppy to greet guests politely
  • Come when you call him
  • Take toys politely when you offer them
  • Drop whatever he has in his mouth
  • Stay away from food or other objects
  • Stop nipping and play/biting
  • Listen to you even when he's excited
  • Walk nicely on the leash
  • Lay on a mat quietly while you eat meals
  • Build good habits for a lifetime
  • and much more
Laid out in an easy-to-follow weekly progression, each behavior is carefully broken down into simple steps, with clear directions on what to practice each week. The lessons build on each other so you can teach your puppy how to handle harder and harder challenges. It's fun for both you and your puppy, and you will amazed what he can learn!

Here's what reviewers say:

  • "This book is terrific!"
  • "Great training book, lots of good ideas. "
  • "This is a book that I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a puppy. It will be your go to book for those busy weeks for months of raising your new family member."
  • "This is a fun book and I am glad that I got it. I recommend that if you are trying to train your puppy then this is a nice simple and easy book to follow."
  • "I only do a couple of 5 minute sessions, sometimes 3, each day, and I'm amazed at how much my little guy has learned. Thanks!"
  • "All of the training steps were detailed and easy to follow, even for a novice like myself. Highly recommended."
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