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Slipping into shadow - Craig Thomas

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Slipping into shadow
Craig Thomas
Little, Brown
UK Publication Date

The vast holiday resort of Tripitaka, carved out of the jungle of northern Burma, is close to completion. It is to be the jewel in the crown of Straits Royal Group, a hotel chain whose recent growth and massive capital have surprised the financial world. Patrick Hyde suspects the chain's casinos are being used to launder drug profits. The West is being flooded with ever greater amounts of Burmese heroin. Could Straits Royal also be one vast distribution network for the drug? His suspicions alone make him a target - but for whom? ... Meanwhile Marian Pyott, MP, has just rekindled a passionate affair. But when Hyde convinces her that a young man in her constituency was murdered, they become desperate to unearth the evidence that will keep them alive. For Hyde and Marian, Burma becomes the most dangerous place on earth ...

The master thriller writer has created an unforgettable adventure and a passionate love story encompassing international politics, global finance and drug dollars; forces that create a whirlpool which threatens to destroy Hyde and those around him.

Craig Thomas was educated at University College, Cardiff where he gained his MA in 1967. His interests included cricket and music. He died in April 2011.

Marian Pyott is just trying to be a good constituency MP when the fiance of a constituent is found OD'd and the police announce he was probably a heroin dealer; Patrick Hyde is an investigator, tracing money and drugs in the most patient of manners. It was really he himself who had got Henderson knifed to death. He'd become greedy for what he imagined Henderson could lead him to--new faces like that of the white man, connections with the hotel chain whose casinos must be laundering operations for the heroin profits ... Hyde shook his head. Both find themselves up against an international conspiracy, betrayed by those whose idea of realistic politics involves giving a free hand to evil, whether to hired assassins like Jessop, crooked businessmen like David Winterborne (the childhood friend Marian came up against in A Different War) or the military regimes of Burma and China. Thomas is writing Buchan for the 90s and is genuinely exciting whether his characters are running for their lives through derelict London housing estates, the jungles of South East Asia or the slums of Rangoon or whether those chasing them are flying helicopter gun ships or just planting car bombs. Slipping into Shadow is an intelligent thriller because it is fascinated with how things work; its hairbreadth escapes and smart stratagems convince even the most blas of readers.

'A thoroughly professional thriller with bags of action to keep the reader on the edge of his seat'

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