Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll

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Unfortunately it looks like someone took the last one.

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Finally, its here. Super Monkey Ball rolls onto the DS with Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll.

Its all your favourite ball-rolling monkey characters, AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, and Baby, and loads of new worlds and party games, all bundled up into a magical handheld package.

The game, for those who have shamefully not played one of the original Gamecube's greatest moments, is very straightforward.

You roll a monkey around a maze-world in the sky to reach a goal, thus progressing and unlocking new maze-worlds to roll around.

The game concept, before the actual game is experienced, sounds totally barking mad.

However, anyone who has played the game will agree that it JUST MAKES SENSE!

It's also perfectly suited to handheld gaming - as it's a game you can dip into for a thirty-second blast of ball-rolling mayhem, or, should you wish, become lost in for hours on end.

Two of the main new unique selling points in this version of the game are the all-new gameplay control using the DS stylus and the wireless multiplayer modes.

Players have the option of rolling their monkey character around with either the stylus or with the control pad to reach their goal and unlock the next world.

The monkey madness stretches out over 10 worlds and 50 new stages, so there's plenty to keep you rolling that monkey around for quite some time.

There is also a practice mode in which you can rehearse those tricky levels, which you find most difficult.

There are also six party games in which you can play your mates via the DS's splendid WiFi service, or just play on your own if you are Billy No Mates.

You can challenge your friends to a Monkey Race, box your way to victory in Monkey Fight, hit a hole-in-one on Monkey Mini Golf or hit a strike with Monkey Bowling.

Also, and exclusively for the DS, are two brand new party games - Monkey Hockey, which is kind of like air hockey with a touch and roll twist and Monkey Wars, which is a first person 3D wacky action-shooter game across three different arenas.

All in all, there's more than enough here to satiate the most avid Monkey Ball fan, and if you are new to the series, then you are in for a real treat.

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Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll
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