Teaching with the tools kids really use - Susan J. Brooks-Young



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Teaching with the tools kids really use - learning with Web and mobile technologies
Susan J. Brooks-Young
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Writing for educators who want to use 21st-century technologies to help deliver relevant classroom instruction, Susan Brooks-Young examines inexpensive hardware already used by many students, explores free Web 2.0 tools such as social networking and virtual worlds, and sheds light on both common objections and changing points of view about using mobile technologies for instructional support.

Emphasizing digital citizenship-the ethical use of technology-this invaluable resource identifies:

- Specific Web 2.0 tools for supporting collaboration and communication in primary and secondary

- Strategies for practical applications

- A decision-making model for selecting appropriate mobile technologies and Web 2.0 tools for classroom use

- Recommended books, Web sites, and online reports and articles for reference

Teaching With the Tools Kids Really Use gives educators a solid approach for capitalizing on readily available technologies and opens up rich teaching and learning opportunities for today's classrooms.

"I want to give this book to my principal and every person I talk to so we begin to change the way we think about using technology with kids. This book empowers teachers to engage IT specialists or administrators in a discussion about the use of mobile technologies or Web 2.0. The book gives the reader lots of information (ammunition) to go out and make things happen with their cell phone, laptop, MP3 player, or digital camera!"
April DeGennaro, Gifted Education Teacher

"Susan Brooks-Young sets out to prove that rather than being banished, technology should be fully embraced and placed at the heart of education."
Professionally Speaking, March 2011

"The book is written in very accessible language, clear and easy to read. This timely book presents readers with a plethora of ideas and strategies for implementing technology-based activities that will help students meet the standards and increase their awareness of technology tools currently available."
Salika A. Lawrence, Assistant Professor

"This is a very well-written text with an abundance of terrific Web-based resources that educators can use to hunt for more information."
Carol S. Holzberg, Director of Technology

"Susan Brooks-Young has once again provided a must-read book for educators. Each chapter is masterfully framed to provide practitioners, policy makers, thought-leaders, and anyone involved in 21st-century education with solid arguments, practical applications, and helpful resources. The decision-making and implementation model provided will assist anyone who is incorporating new technology into instruction."
Ryan Imbriale, Principal

"Brooks-Young takes the flat world right into the classroom. She gives real-world examples of how any educator can help bring their classroom, school, or district to the forefront of emerging technologies. An extraordinary read for any educator."
Rowland Baker, Director

"Use of this books ideas and investigation of their impact on student learning has the potential to broaden the knowledge base concerning the implications for technology use on teaching and learning. Highly recommended."
Regina M. Mistretta

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Technological literacy.|Computer-assisted instruction.|Internet in education.|Mobile communication systems in education.|Web 2.0.
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