Flight of Fury/The Detonator/Second in Command

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Triple bill featuring three action thrillers. In 'Flight of Fury' (2007), John Sands (Steven Seagal) is a secret operative used by the United States Air Force for clandestine operations deemed too sensitive for the regular intelligence services. When his own Agency feels threatened by the knowledge he gained from past exploits, they quickly imprison him and schedule a chemical wipe of his memories. Feeling betrayed by his Agency, John escapes the hi-tech detention center and plans to assimilate into society. Unfortunately, the Air Force has other plans for him. A top secret Stealth Bomber that uses the latest in stealth cloaking technology has been hijacked and it's their belief that John's the only man capable of getting it back before it falls into the hands of a terrorist group that could prove to be an unstoppable force. In 'The Detonator' (2006), undercover C.I.A. agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes) travels alone to Poland to expose an arms dealer and stop the sale of a nuclear weapon. When the arms dealer is tipped off to Griffith's identity, he lands himself in prison but is quickly released by the C.I.A. only to be given a new mission: to escort a beautiful Russian woman, Nadia (Silvia Colloca), back to the United States. Griffith soon learns that strong-willed Nadia is being hunted by the very arms dealer that he intended to destroy, but this evil dealer will stop at nothing to get the information out of Nadia that he needs - the location of the $30 million she has hidden that will buy him a nuclear bomb. 'Second in Command' (2006) stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as Sam Keenan, an official who's just been appointed as Second in Command to the U.S. Ambassador at an American Embassy in a small, turbulent Eastern European nation. When local insurgents attempt a coup d'etat, the nation's President takes refuge inside the embassy. The embassy is then besieged by the well-armed insurgents. The U.S. Ambassador is killed in the ensuing action, and now it's up to Sam and the embassy's small detachment of U.S. Marines to fend off the attackers.

Director: Michael Keusch
Director: Po-Chih Leong
Director: Simon Fellows
Producer: Pierre Spengler
Producer: Donald Kushner
Producer: Andrew Stevens
Producer: Jonathan Debin
Producer: Brad Krevoy
Writer: Joe Halpin
Writer: Steven Seagal
Writer: Martin Wheeler
Writer: David L. Corley
Writer: Chris O'Neill
Writer: Michael Schiffer
Music: Barry Taylor
Music: Mark Sayfritz
Actor: Steven Seagal
Actor: Alki David
Actor: Ciera Payton
Actor: Katie Jones
Actor: Vasile Albinet
Actor: Mark Bazeley
Actor: Karen Shenaz David
Actor: Steve Toussaint
Actor: Wesley Snipes
Actor: Silvia Colloca
Actor: Roxana Andronescu
Actor: Michael Brandon
Actor: Gabi Burlacu
Actor: Warren Derosa
Actor: Florian Ghimpu
Actor: William Hope
Actor: Matthew Leitch
Actor: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Actor: Julie Cox
Actor: William Tapley
Actor: Alan Mckenna
Actor: Razaaq Adoti
Actor: Serban Celea
Actor: Colin Stinton
Actor: Emanuel Parvu
Actor: Razvan Oprea

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Flight of Fury/The Detonator/Second in Command|Steven Seagal
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Anamorphic (16:9), Languages(s): English, French, Hard of Hearing Subtitles: English, Subtitles: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hindi, Interactive Menu, Scene Access, Screen ratio 1:1.85, Dolby Digital 5.1
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