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The liver detox plan - the revolutionary way to cleanse and revive your body and normalise your weight
Xandria Williams
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

The liver handles hundreds of different reactions and its health affects every single part of your body. It may be the silent cause behind almost any symptom or health problem you may have and it can be in trouble even before you find yourself feeling 'liverish' or jaded either in general, or after rich foods or a heavy drinking session. If you suffer from chronic fatigue or headaches, allergies or canidiasis, high blood pressure or PMS, hypoglycaemia, or mood swings, menopausal problems or osteoporosis this could be the breakthrough you've been looking for. The LIVER DETOX PLAN offers an easy-to-follow clean-up plan to leave you feeling fresh and revived and ready to start again! By following a 4 or 8-week-plan you can achieve greater vitality, energy, weight-loss (if desired) and repair the damage of your past lifestyle.

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Xandria Williams has been in practice for more than 20 years in Sydney and London. She has lectured extensively in biochemistry and nutrition at conferences and to natural therapy colleges. Xandria appears frequently on television and radio and her books include Living with Allergies, What's in My Food?, Choosing Health Intentionally, Choosing Weight Intentionally, Beating the Blues, You're not Alone, Fatigue and Overcoming Candida.

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