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Think - cricket - Christopher Bazalgette

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Think - cricket - compete mentally
Christopher Bazalgette
Empire Publications
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The majesty of the game of cricket is that it is not just a physical activity. It is not simply a matter of how strong or tough one is, or how fast one can run, but a combination of the mental and physical strengths and abilities needed to outwit your opposition. This book stresses that there is much more to the game when your mind is fully focused. It aims to open everyone's mind to a wider dimension of the game, and to provide a subtle awareness that should mean better results. Many cricketers, even those participating every week, do so without realising how their performance can be improved dramatically. The book is for amateur cricketers who lack the resources to look at videos of those who are going to oppose them, as do professional cricketers, and have no professional coach to remind them of what to look for in each game they play. However, everything discussed in this book should be equally valuable at whatever level you are playing, but it is the amateur or club cricketer who has the most to gain. Apart from such cricketers in the Test Match playing countries that are full members of ICC, those in the ever-increasing number of associate and affiliate member countries will benefit from reading this book. Both authors have been associated with and have played in many of the above-mentioned countries and throughout the world.

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