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When Your Parent Has Cancer - National Cancer Institute

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When Your Parent Has Cancer - A Guide for Teens
National Cancer Institute
Paperback / softback
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
UK Publication Date

When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens, National Institutes of Health Publication 12-5724: If your mom, dad, or an adult close to you has cancer, this book is for you. Here you can read about what has helped other teens get through this tough time. Doctors, nurses, social workers, friends, and family are working hard to help your mom or dad get better. You are a very important part of that team, too. In the weeks and months ahead, you may feel a whole range of emotions. Some days will be good, and things might seem like they used to. Other days may be harder. This book can help prepare you for some of the things you might face. It can also help you learn to handle living with a parent or relative who has cancer. This book includes information about cancer treatments, ways teens can talk to family and friends, how to connect with other teens, and where to find other resources for information and support. It includes a glossary of cancer terms and appendices explaining monitoring tests and member of the cancer team.


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