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Woath it? Coase ah am, pet - Cheryl Kerl

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Woath it? Coase ah am, pet
Cheryl Kerl
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'Hei, Mam Ah'm ganna be a stor' said a young Cheryl Tweety to hor Mam one day, following a bonny baby competition in hor native Newcastle. An tell yerz this leik, she wuzzen wrong!

Noo aall grern up as Cheryl Kerl, shiz the peepils' princess an shiz everywhor yerz look pet. On TV, radieau, magazines an billboadz; just aboot the biggest star in the UK man! And ask hor what she thinks aboot it an she'll jus flash yerz tha big smeel and likelee sey 'Its mint man!' in that Geordie accent so loved the world over. In short shiz fulfilled hor destinee.

Noo as queen of aall she surveys, faw the foast teim in this book you'll get a personal insight into what she thinks aboot aall sortz a stuff an tha. Covering topics as divoase as the music biz tuh jeans, the opera tuh fashion icons, itz aall between these pages.

Find oot tha being a supahstor's nut just aboot havin the teim of yerz leef gaddin aboot at fillum premiers an tha. Beheend tha smeel lies a leefteim a hoad graft an detomanation.

It'z aall heart and soul, pulling no punches itz told leik it is, man woman man.

From bonny baby to people`s princess, it`s been a meteoric rise to the top of the celebrity tree for Cheryl Kerl. Born Cheryl Tweety, she quickly learned to use her stunning good looks to great effect. At the tender age of just 18 came her biggest break when she won a coveted place in a talent show with her band Girls are Loud. Hit followed hit as the girls became the biggest recording phenomonen the country has ever seen. And just when it seemed that she had nothing more to prove. Cheryl was approached to become a judge on X Factory and the rest is history. Cheryl is now a one-girl phenomenon and continues to go from strength to strength.

ah've jus storted followin yerz on wor laptop, yerz daein a bang up job
Bill Bailey

So so funny. Huge fan of yours, always hilarious. Every tweet a delight
Peter Serafinowicz

Emma Freud

The most fun thing about Cheryl Kerl is that you have to read her writing oot lood befowa yiz can tell what thee see leik
Mitch Benn

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