Yu Gi Oh: Volume 11 - Best of Friends, Best of Duelists

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Join YuGi and his friends for an eleventh installment of adventures involving the mystical card game. In Episode 31, Joey frantically searches for the card that permits him to enter the final battle, not realizing Bandit Keith has stolen it from him. As he struggles to accept the fact that Serenity will be blind forever, he receives help from a new, and unexpected, friend. In Episode 32, after Bandit Keith's Machine deck forces Joey to take the defensive, Joey mimics Keith's battle strategy to metallize his Red Eyes B. Dragon. Is victory assured? Or does the cheater Bandit Keith literally have one last card up his sleeve? In Episode 33, with his pride in his strength as a duelist on the line, Joey challenges Yugi for the right to face Pegasus. In a battle between friends, a fierce match ensues between the two people who know each other's strategies and cards as they struggle to keep their thoughts of past loyalties at the back of their minds. Finally, in Episode 34, Yugi is shocked as Joey uses the Time Wizard card on him. It's the very same card Yugi gave Joey as a sign of friendship. However, as the two battle each other valiantly and one comes out the victor, they find confirmation that the strength of their friendship surpasses any duel.

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Yu Gi Oh: Volume 11 - Best of Friends, Best of Duelists
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